Of course, this blog needs a disclaimer!

Trusting your life to something you read on the internet is just plain stupid.  Get corroboration from a more reliable source, use your common sense, don’t get yourself killed, and don’t come crying to me if you do.

I believe and hope that what has been published here, is more or less useful. But because chemicals, electricity, genes and other mean and evil stuff tend to appear in every second line (at least!), you are advised that there is always the possibility that you’ll destroy the world (maybe not the complete one, but your own local sub-universe might be in danger) when you follow the thoughts and concepts which are presented here. You assume right, I cannot take responsibility for your actions. Probably you have to consider all that you’ll find here as garbage. -> Use your brain and have fun!

If you believe that anything here infringes your copyright or patents, don’t sue me, but tell me. You can be sure that this is not my intention. Trademarks and other proprietary names of course belong to their respective owners.

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