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Boink! Another Robot arrrived! I got a bit :) addicted to them… As it turns out that writing a program to control the Tecan RSP MEGA will take a bit longer as there are so mean things to do like understanding programming of serial ports and learning C++ and wxWidgets, I caught that opportunity when I saw Lissy on offer with a software that promises to be a bit more what I am looking for.

Her (!) name is Lissy. She’s a Liquid Sampling System. Some robot designers seem to have a chauvinist attitude, maybe. But actually that is still a better name than “Computerkontrolliertes schrittmotorgesteuertes Manipulationssystem für Flüssigkeiten Version 8312b-18cd3”, as -> Briegel der Busch ( might have named it.

Chapter 3: Lissy, Please Move (Your Body)!

She’s driving me nuts, already for days: For a test, I have set up a simple layout with 2 microplates and defined a method which simply should transfer a few microliters of water from one plate to another. But it … Continue reading

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Chapter 2: Got connected!

Lissy is home now! In order to fit in the trunk of my car and simply to make her loose weight that I might get her up to the attic in 3rd floor, I had to disassemble her. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Chapter 1: Installing WinLissy 5.4 in W2K

First, I’ll talk about the software installation, as Lissy herself still is forced to rest tightened to a wooden palette in the dark dungeons of the company I am working for. I wonder if I may get her out of … Continue reading

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