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Hacked! The Ultrospec 1100 pro Admin Password

Case report: Got a used Ultrospec1100pro UV/Vis spectrophotometer. Of course, it came without logs and docs. It seems to be fully functional, as expected and as promised. But as usual, the Devil was hiding in the Details, despite finding the … Continue reading

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Resurrecting a VWR Galaxy 14D Benchtop Centrifuge

It had been advertised as “does not power on” and I got it pretty cheap on eBay, below 100USD including shipping from the U.S. to this beautiful country.  Assuming the usual culprits for a “complete failure”, when the cosmetics are … Continue reading

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Serial Communication

The MEGA has a male 25pin serial connector. To connect it to a PC, you will need a cable with a 25pin female and a (most probably) 9pin female connector. TxD and RxD need to be crossed. The cable of … Continue reading

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Chapter 3: Lissy, Please Move (Your Body)!

She’s driving me nuts, already for days: For a test, I have set up a simple layout with 2 microplates and defined a method which simply should transfer a few microliters of water from one plate to another. But it … Continue reading

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Chapter 2: Got connected!

Lissy is home now! In order to fit in the trunk of my car and simply to make her loose weight that I might get her up to the attic in 3rd floor, I had to disassemble her. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Chapter 1: Installing WinLissy 5.4 in W2K

First, I’ll talk about the software installation, as Lissy herself still is forced to rest tightened to a wooden palette in the dark dungeons of the company I am working for. I wonder if I may get her out of … Continue reading

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Episode 2: MEGA, please talk to me!

The manual writes a few pages about the commands to control the arm, the syringes, the pumps, the valves. The control program allows to issue them one by one to the machine or to set up some sort of tests … Continue reading

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