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C++: Outputting a string as hexadecimal characters…

… is easy with the boost format library: Digging the net for examples was not very productive, so I started my own approach: The trick is the “%x” which will output the numerical value (uint)s[i] as hexadecimal value.

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How to save videos from ARTE +7 on your computer to watch them offline

[Edit (20141105)]: The old stuff below probably does not work anymore (at least, it’s pretty tedious to follow these weird instructions). ARTE has changed their web site makeup. What to do? -> Search for “ARTE greasemonkey” wih your favorite Google, … Continue reading

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Installing the CodeLite IDE and the boost c++ Libraries

At least for the demo at here, and Windows 7, this worked for me. The solution for boost is pretty straightforward and as one would expect: Downloaded and installed the CodeLite IDE including MinGW and wxWidgets from here. Downloaded the … Continue reading

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Find a driver for 1a86:7523 usb to serial converter (W2K)

I intend to use this (in the beginning not so) nice dingy to attach serial ports over USB to a Virtual Machine running W2KSP4 on my Opensuse Linux notebook. Yep, you guessed right, many things in my collection have serial … Continue reading

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