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Cavro XL-3000 Syringe Pump – How to Control the 8 Port Valve

Even found a manual on the web, thanks to, who recently has torn the pump apart a bit. But still no idea how to control the 8 port distributing valve that it came with. The pump has no NVRAM … Continue reading

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Hacked! The Ultrospec 1100 pro Admin Password

Case report: Got a used Ultrospec1100pro UV/Vis spectrophotometer. Of course, it came without logs and docs. It seems to be fully functional, as expected and as promised. But as usual, the Devil was hiding in the Details, despite finding the … Continue reading

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Uvicord II

  The Uvicord II has a pretty fascinating way of running the UV lamp: The light source is a sealed quartz glass tube with a little zinc or mercury in it (depending on the desired spectrum), but it has no … Continue reading

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Taiwan TaKeDa and Mobile Data Access

This is how I spent a week-end without having much fun: Making Taiwan TaKeDa mobile Network APN work on an unbranded Dumbphone! Opted for a data plan. Got even a call that it had been activated on August 1st after … Continue reading

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Resurrecting a VWR Galaxy 14D Benchtop Centrifuge

It had been advertised as “does not power on” and I got it pretty cheap on eBay, below 100USD including shipping from the U.S. to this beautiful country.  Assuming the usual culprits for a “complete failure”, when the cosmetics are … Continue reading

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C++: Outputting a string as hexadecimal characters…

… is easy with the boost format library: Digging the net for examples was not very productive, so I started my own approach: The trick is the “%x” which will output the numerical value (uint)s[i] as hexadecimal value.

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OsziFox / ProbeScope in Xubuntu 14.04 LTS

On my system, it runs with wine and a USB to serial adapter and the FoxiOsz program (originally for WinXP), by Michael Butschkau, to be found here: Thanks and Kudos to Michael for this! The site offers 3 versions, … Continue reading

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Repairing an LED light bulb

One of my beloved power saving LED light “bulbs” suddenly stopped working, far before it had reached the end of it’s promised and assumed 50.000 hrs lifetime. A good occasion to dissect the poor device and to try to repair … Continue reading

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Adapting a 230V/50Hz Washing Machine to 110V/60 Hz

Moving around in the world like a snail with it its house, we brought our beloved washing machine (because it’s in best working order, can heat up to 95degC and doesn’t use as much water as the Asian style top-loaders … Continue reading

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Repairing my Solis Crema SL90 Espresso Machine

From one day to the other, the machine was not heating anymore. There was power, some LEDs were on as usual, and if I remember correctly, the pump started operating, when the steam valve was opened. Some quick checks (any … Continue reading

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