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Currently, I am using this blog mainly to keep track of some projects I am working on for my leisure and pleasure. One purpose to make these records public is to demonstrate that it might be not so difficult to revive used/worn-out or unwanted so-called HighTech Lab Equipment like HPLC Chromatography Systems and Liquid Handling Robots.

Of course, it won’t make much sense to you if you should be Uncle Scrooge (Dagobert Duck) and you (or at least the company you’re working for) suffocate(s) from unspent funds, then you might (and should) prefer to buy a brand new one and support the engineers and scientists who invent and construct them. But if you’re from a poor lab and/or you didn’t get that grant you had applied for so eagerly, if you still have those highly interesting and so valuable samples in your fridge waiting already such a long time for being analyzed? You dare to assault black (or mostly: gray) boxes labeled with stickers like “for qualified/authorized service personnel only”? You’d like to understand what’s happening inside these machines? You have discovered this once so expensive device in your institute’s trash bin and you couldn’t help to salvage it?

It’s amazing (or better: ashaming) for which reasons precious and actually still best performing  equipment is discarded: Blown fuses, worn out switches, broken control computers or simply software that doesn’t run with the latest version of Windows anymore.  Or ceased support. If you don’t need ISO 9001 certification and don’t need to comply with regulations for medical devices,  these pages might be the right a good place for you.

… the Author:

Luan78zao likes science as a tool to understand how the world works. He has a PhD degree in Chemistry and is experienced in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Furthermore, he grew up among tools in a permanent construction site, so this development needs to be considered as kismet.
Luan78zao has been working in University and Academia settings for some time, in Biomedical Research, playing with bacteria, cells, and tissue samples. Then, he moved to a small Biotech Firm somewhere in Euroland where he was the head of R&D and had the chance to learn from a good boss how to set up and run a good company with good products. Life sent him to a small Asian country where he tried to help to set up a small actually promising biotech firm, but he finally resigned, as he didn’t want to support the king boss to lie to customers about non existing products, fake data to get FDA approvals and exploit badly paid employees.

Consequently, he is now happily living in a formose place that he likes very much, with a lower, but subsiding salary, having the opportunity to pursue his own ideas in academic settings, aiming to make this world a better place. And still, he usually is trying to square circles (and vice versa) in his lab and is keeping some people very busy, namely his technicians, students and PIs, when he does not simply enjoy delicious food or explore mountains, tropical forests and indigenous tribes.

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  1. walter goers says:

    How to contact you concerning old HPLC stuff ?

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