How to save videos from ARTE +7 on your computer to watch them offline

[Edit (20141105)]: The old stuff below probably does not work anymore (at least, it’s pretty tedious to follow these weird instructions). ARTE has changed their web site makeup. What to do? -> Search for “ARTE greasemonkey” wih your favorite Google, then you should find a very convenient solution that is running within your browser. Case you are living in Linux, iOS or Windows, Mediathekview might be even a better friend. Enjoy & have fun!

[old stuff starts here]

If your internet connection is too slow to watch the videos on ARTE +7 in a decent resolution, you might want to download them and watch them offline. Unfortunately, the common video downloaders that work for e.g. facebook and youtube do not work here. But there is a workaround, that’s probably why you are here: The trick of course is to retrieve the URL that points to the actual video fiel. Actually, this is very easy and all you need are a simple a text editor that writes plain text files and a browser. I have used Notepad and Firefox for this. Finding out how took me less time than writing this tutorial.

Here it goes:

On the ARTE +7 website, click in the Video image to produce an overlay showing code for embedding the video into another webpage.  You will get something like:

<script type="text/javascript" src=" ttp://"></script>

Mark the URL that follows “json_url” (highlighted in blue above), paste it into the address bar of a new window of your browser and load it: A long line of code will show up.

There, search for the tag “StreamURL” and copy the URL that follows. In our case, it’s

h ttp://

Paste it in a new browser window and open it. A very long line of code will show (not shown here).

There, search for an URL containing “2200” (or another figure, representing your data rate of desire, most likely 800 or 1500 are the options), starting with “http” and ending with “.mp4”. In front of it, you’ll find the tag “VUR”. Highlight and copy the URL, in this example it is

h ttp://

Paste it into a new plain text file and create a HTML tag around it as follows:

<A HREF=h ttp://>link</A>

Save the file with the ending .html (or rename it) and load it with your browser. Point your mouse on the link and save the target on your computer. Wait a while, depending on your actual download speed. The files may be quite huge, up to 1GBytes per hour of video. If you should need a video player to view the .mp4 file, you might consider VLC. That’s it, have fun!

Edit: Meh! Sometimes the wheel gets invented twice: Have a look here, at Florian’s page, he wrote a script that extracts the links for you automatically. There you will get download links for all resolutions just by copy/pasting the URL of the ARTE webpage in question. Have more fun!

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14 Responses to How to save videos from ARTE +7 on your computer to watch them offline

  1. Florian says:

    Thanks for the incoming link, appreciated !
    Cheers from France ;)

    • luan78zao says:

      You’re welcome, Florian! You did the better job :) I just discovered your page after I had finished writing down what I had found out how to do it. Cheers! Wo

  2. Thank you for another fantastic post. Where else may just anybody get that kind of info in such an ideal means of writing?
    I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the search for such information.

    • luan78zao says:

      Hi, unfortunately, the information I gave ist not accurate anymore. Just after publishing, ARTE changed the data structure (again), so only a midres mp4 may be downloaded (see Florians page for details, accessible via the link in the last paragraph).

  3. Kim says:

    Wow thanks still working for me :)
    Actually, I though Arte is just in German and French? Which language are you guys watching the documentaries? :)


  4. luan78zao says:

    Usually in German, my mother-tongue :)

  5. Philou says:

    Ca marche ! Thanks :)

  6. Jessica says:

    Ah, ein Landsgenosse. In diesem Falle: herzlichen Dank für das Tutorial, Florians Seite ist leider mittlerweile nicht mehr erreichbar, deine Methode funktioniert jedoch nach wie vor ausgezeichnet.

  7. Jay says:

    Echt? Bei mir funzt die Methode nicht. Check nicht wohin ich klicken muss um den Code rauszulesen.

  8. Nacho says:

    It worked for me! You both are great!

  9. Vlares says:

    Here’s what i did in firefox and worked for me: in the image of the video you want to download click inspect element, then reach for the div class video container and copy the url and paste it in the browser, then look for the artestras mp4 file in the desired bitrate and copy and delete the \’s (backward slashes) and save an html file to open with the browser and save as file as ZhuTou indicated, voila!

  10. brandonlysim says:

    Wow You are the best!

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