Installing the CodeLite IDE and the boost c++ Libraries

At least for the demo at here, and Windows 7, this worked for me. The solution for boost is pretty straightforward and as one would expect:

  • Downloaded and installed the CodeLite IDE including MinGW and wxWidgets from here.
  • Downloaded the boost libraries from here. Extracted them into the root directory as c:\boost_1_53_0\
  • Told CodeLite where to find boost: In Settings > Build_Settings > gnu_g++ > Advanced, added the boost directory to the include path.

To test it, I created a new workspace, started a new project (a simple g++ executable), pasted the mentioned example code into main.cpp and compiled it. Works.

Edit: Installing CodeLite on Windows 7 is not as simple at it seems (and not related to boost): When I tried to build the minimal code patterns for wxWidgets code, in ran into serious problems: On 3 different machines (2x professional and 1x home premium), only one of the professional installations generated a working executable, while on the other two, I got various error messages about invalid directories or segmentation faults in the executable, while a fourth installation on OpenSuse Linux 12.3 worked fine. The culprits probably are ‘invalid’ characters in some directory paths [like ‘()’ and spaces]. Uninstalling CodeLite from the default location at 'c:\Program File (x86)' and re-installing it in c:\CodeLite\ solved the problem [1].


[1] (retrieved 2013-05-08)

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