Chapter 3: Lissy, Please Move (Your Body)!

She’s driving me nuts, already for days: For a test, I have set up a simple layout with 2 microplates and defined a method which simply should transfer a few microliters of water from one plate to another. But it does not work: The system initializes, moves to the wash station and then the pumps execute their program. At the wash station! Not at the designated positions. Still, they get marked as done in the layout. No error messages. Just not the expected response. Weird. The same on a native NT/SP6 system that I have set up in the meanwhile.

More weird, another method based on a layout that had come with the software is working. Ok, will successively delete all the elements in the layout to narrow down the problem. Just the MTP carrier and the wash station is present. When I remove the wash station, the strange behavior is back. Even more weird, it does not disappear, when I add back the wash station. Means, re-adding the wash station does not work, either: I may place the carrier on the layout, but cannot add the wash and waste racks. I may move them to the layout by drag and drop, but they won’t appear there. And, in the demo layout, wash and waste are superimposed  in the same position. This is a nice hint on how one might get two devices in the same place, but this here simply does not match my hardware! I need to separate them. But defining two separate slots for wash and waste does not work, too (I may place the corresponding rack, but the behavior is still the same). But, his trick here does the job, at least for the moment: Label the wash rack type “waste” and vice versa. I’m curious, if that will be the final solution. Seems to be an error in the database processing. Wonder what kind of pre-alpha version is on the CD. Or what’s wrong with the computer, or maybe just the software and my Lissy don’t match. But now I’m very confident that I’ll have a nicely working Lissy pretty soon, as the results are not too bad actually. It might be a good idea now to perform some adjustments and to fine tune the rack and carrier settings in order that the tips can move to their real life positions for sucking and dispensing liquids.

Good night & sleep tight, folks!

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