WANTED: Manuals & Tech Docs!

Hi Folks,

There is nice stuff in my storage waiting for revival! If you know any of these Machines and/or have access to a manual, your help is welcome! My special desire are descriptions of ports, interfaces and protocols.

If you have similar plans or projects, why not cooperate?

  • Biometra EP 30 Electrochemical Detector (one channel / two channel)
  • Barspec Chrom-A-Scope Rotating Mirror UV/Vis Detector
  • Chrom-A-Set-500 Chromatography Data Station
  • TSP (Thermo) AS 100 Autosampler
  • TSP (Thermo) UV 1000 UV/Vis Detector
  • LDC Analytical RI-Detektor Refracto Monitor III
  • Waters 510 HPLC Pump
  • Gilson Valve Actuator 817
  • Tecan SLT Mega Pipetting Robot
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3 Responses to WANTED: Manuals & Tech Docs!

  1. walter goers says:

    How to contact you concerning old HPLC stuff ?

  2. brian says:

    Hi, did you ever find a manual for a the RefractoMonitor III? I have one but am not sure how to connect it or operate it. Do you know what the water in/out should be connected to?

    • luan78zao says:

      Hi Brian, haven’t found a manual yet. I reckon the water in/out should be connected to a thermostat / circulating water bath, in order to maintain a defined temperature in the flow cell, as the refractive index depends on temperature. But if your lab has a rather constant temperature, I’d rather try going without that (as it might result in dew/moisture problems when you try to cool it down to 20degC in surroundings with rather high temp and humidity.

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